In a reasonable world where people were elected to office on the basis of making life better for the most people possible, and not out of misplaced, racist, or misanthropic spite, Congress would take another look at who was being left out of Obamacare benefits in a couple years, particularly in light of the unexpected… » 4/22/14 2:43pm Yesterday 2:43pm

The AP polluted their own results though. The question was, "The universe began 13.8 billion years ago with a big bang," which asks people to both be confident in The Big Bang and that it occurred 13.8 billion years ago. Some respondents might be confident that The Big Bang occurred, but not at all confident that it as… » 4/22/14 11:45am Yesterday 11:45am

This is a post about Edward Snowden. Are you seriously arguing that anyone can commit any crime because the US government did something bad at one time or another? Be serious. If you can't discuss what he did and the implications of it, stay out of my thread please. » 4/20/14 7:20pm Sunday 7:20pm